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Thursday, December 30, 2010

How to register for a WP7Dev account

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Want to create applications for the Windows Phone 7 (WP7)? You need to register in order to be able to do that, even if you you only want to deploy the application to your own phone and not to the AppHub. Since I haven’t seen any description of the process I wrote down what I had to to. Note that I live in Sweden and the process might vary by countries, but most likely this is what you have to go thru as an individual non-US developer.

1. Register and pay

Register at

Make sure:

Beware that the fee is said to be $99 USD but in reality this might differ, especially if you´re outside US. In Sweden it will cost you €99. Also beware that the amount you’re accepting, which for me was 919 SEK (€99) is not the amount you’ll be charged. To that a tax of 15% is added, so I was charged 1057 SEK ($150). I’m not sure if it’s legal to ask for acceptance of one amount and then charge another. But, according to Shaun Taulbee, Microsoft:

“Price adjustments are coming, and I'm told refunds will be automatically applied for those who registered since October”

2. Email: Confirm the email address! /Microsoft

After registering and paying an email will be sent to the email you provided during registration (which might differ from the Live account) in order to confirm the email address. It contains a link that needs to be opened.

3. Email: Approve request! /GeoTrust

Now you should receive an email form GeoTrust. If you haven’t received it within 24 hrs (remember to check your Spam/Junk email folder first) you should contact GeoTrust directly, according to the FAQ:
For me the email came instantly.

Open the link to GeoTrust that was sent to you in the email an approve the order.
”Your order has been successfully approved and your authenticated identity validation status will be reflected on the Windows Phone 7 AppHub within two business days.”

4. Email: Send identification confirmation! /GeoTrust

You just have to wait for the next email from GeoTrust:

“In order for GeoTrust to confirm your information in terms of Microsoft's requirements, GeoTrust must receive a copy of your valid government issued photo identification (for example: a passport or driver's license), attached to the Identification Confirmation Letter below.”

You can fax them the information or send it by email, which is what I did: Print out a copy of the letter. Fill the fields at the bottom (all the info is on your passport). Sign it. Scan the letter with your passport at the designated position. Email GeoTrust with the scanned letter as an attachment.

5. Email: Your email was received. /GeoTrust

After a while you’ll receive an email acknowledging the receipt of your Identification Confirmation email.

“The verification process will be completed within 1-2 business days. If you have any questions, please contact us.”

6. “Welcome to the Windows Phone Marketplace developer program”

The next email should be from Microsoft welcoming you to the program. For me, it took 6 hours to receive this email.

You’re done…. Sort of…. In order to receive payment for your apps you’ll need to do more, but I’ll stop here.

Shortcutting the process

“Wow, that’s many steps and a whole lot of waiting”, you may think. Yeah, it is. But there is a way to speed up the process which worked for me and a friend of mine. Step 1-3 runs smoothly (no human interaction I would guess), but instead of waiting up to 2 days for step 4 and 5 you can contact GeoTrust via their chat:

Instead of waiting for step 4, ask them for status of your order.
After sending the email in step 4, ask them to check they have received the email, and that it contains the correct information.

For me the steps 1-6 took 2.5 days.

Register the phone

Connect the phone to your computer. Make sure Zune starts. Start the “Windows Phone Developer Registration” program (from the start menu) and enter your Live ID and Password and click Register. Make sure the phone is not locked. For me it took some attempts. I had to restart the phone and then clicking retry a few times.

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